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Summer Camps

It is our mission to provide a space for the children in our community to reap the benefits of outdoor learning and play, while cultivating a love and respect for nature. During each Nature Camp session we dive into a broad theme while exploring our natural world.  Campers will enjoy arts and crafts, songs, and nature play. Children of all backgrounds and abilities are invited to join us as we build community and connect with nature to learn about the land, the food we grow, and other fun activities.  

Summer Sessions

Mon-Thur (half day): 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Pond Life Exploration (6/26 – 6/29)

Join us as we learn about pond life. We’ll focus on the aquatic ecosystems within the ponds on our farm and all of the life they support. Children will learn about water collection, water quality and aquatic organisms as they search with skim nets and magnifying glasses in order to investigate what lives within our ponds. 

Magic In The Garden (7/10 – 7/13)

Discover the hidden magic of the outdoors. Let your imagination run wild as we explore a world of fantastic creatures, mythical characters, and magical stories, offer gifts to the garden keepers, build fairy and gnome houses, and more.

Garden Artists (7/17 – 7/20)

Discover the budding artist in you and the beauty of the natural world. We will explore the farm and gardens through a variety of media. As we draw inspiration and use materials from nature, we will develop a relationship with the garden, learn about plant and animal knowledge, and practice caring for the garden as the garden cares for us. At the end of the session, we’ll display our work and turn the garden into a colorful art gallery for families to enjoy.

Science Exploration (7/31 – 8/3)

Let’s zoom in on the world that keeps our garden growing! Field-based learning activities will guide our sessions as we channel our curiosities into an investigation of life on the farm.  We’ll do microscope observations, science experiments, and more as we learn what it’s like to see the farm from a science investigation-focused program.

Cooking with Cloudview (8/7 – 8/10)

We will explore the food we eat from seed to table.  Kids will dig into garden tasks which include planting, weeding, pruning, harvesting and processing produce.  Then they will turn the garden’s harvest into delicious and healthy snacks and meals.

Program Cost:

$180 per session

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$ 0.00