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Participants must be 21 years or older if consuming alcohol.
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I understand that Cloudview Farm provides opportunities for individuals and/or groups (hereinafter “Participant”) to participate in farm volunteer and outreach/education program events. I and/or my child wish to participate in an event at the Cloudview Farm program by participating in activities on the farm. I understand that as a volunteer, I am helping my community and will not be paid for my services. If I am allowing a child to participate in the activity, I agree that I am a parent, legal guardian, or am otherwise responsible for the child who is participating, and I release, waive, and discharge any legal rights that may assert on behalf of the child participating in this activity. I also agree for myself and/or for any child participant to follow all rules and procedures that apply to the activity and to follow the reasonable instructions of the participant’s group leader. I understand that participating in any Cloudview Farm activity involves risks that include inclement weather or excessive heat, proximity to vehicles or equipment, contact with and actions of other participants and/or the public, slips/trips/falls, repetitive motions and/or heavy lifting, and exposure to wildlife (including snakes and biting insects), among others. I understand that by participating in any Cloudview Farm program, I may be exposed to bodily injury, disability, death, or damage to any of my property that I may bring to the volunteer site. I choose for myself and/or for my child to participate in Cloudview Farm event activities despite the risks. By signing this form, I acknowledge all risks of injury, illness, and death and affirm that I have assumed all responsibility of injury, illness, or death in any way connected with participation in this activity. I agree not to sue Cloudview Farm, its officers, employees or agents, and agree to hold harmless and indemnify Cloudview Farm, its officers, employees, or agents, for all claims, damages, losses, or expenses, including attorney fees, if a suit is filed concerning an injury, illness, or death to me or to my child resulting from participation in this activity. I understand that Cloudview Farm does not provide insurance or worker’s compensation coverage for me or for my child. I agree for myself and for my heirs, assigns, executors, and administrators to release, waive, and discharge any legal rights I may have to seek payment or relief of any kind from Cloudview Farm, its officers, employees or agents, for injury, illness, or death resulting from the activity. I also acknowledge and agree that Cloudview Farm may take photographs, recordings, or videos or ask interview questions of individuals or groups participating in Cloudview Farm activities and may use these materials to publicize the program and for other related purposes. I have read this document thoroughly and understand its terms. I have been able to ask questions about the activity and they have been answered to my satisfaction. I execute this voluntarily and understand that by completing this form and typing my name, I am waiving legal rights.
Due to expenses incurred to present events as well as costs associated with processing online ticket transactions, all ticket sales are final. We are unable to issue refunds on tickets purchased for any reason and the purchase of tickets for events constitutes your acceptance of the posted no refund policy.