Opportunities for Educator and Market Gardener available at Cloudview Farm in Ephrata, WA in 2020

Cloudview Farm is an educational and demonstrational farm that provides access to high quality produce and offers educational experiences for children and adults. We are committed to healthy and regenerative farming practices – enhancing the quality of soil and food. These jobs are well suited for people who are interested in having a positive impact on rural communities. 

Cloudview Farm is growing our enjoyment of food by growing our understanding of food.  

Market Farmer (full-time paid position)

Cloudview Farm produces a diverse weekly offering for the Ephrata Farmers’ Market and a ~50 member CSA program from the end of May until the end of October. We grow according to USDA organic standards.  We are currently managing 3 acres of garden in cover crops and growing cash crops on ~½ acre.  

Job requirements:

  • Grow for a 50 member CSA program
  • Grow for & attend seasonal Farmers’ Markets
  • Work with 1-2 workers during weekly operations
  • Manage all aspects of vegetable production
    • Harvest, wash, and pack produce 
    • Irrigate gardens and surrounding property
    • Repair and maintain irrigation system
    • Disease and pest management
    • Record keeping (seeding, planting, soil amendment, pest and disease control)
    • Greenhouse and high tunnel management
  • Coordinate with other farm and education staff to develop gardens and property that support educational programming
  • Assist with educational programming that pertains specifically to organic gardening
  • Assist Outreach Coordinator with seasonal Farmers’ Markets

Skills and experience:

  • At least 2 years farming experience, management preferred
  • Strong communication skills – will be working closely with Farm Educator/Community Outreach Coordinator as well as other co-workers around the farm – must be able to coordinate and effectively communicate 

To apply for this position please send a cover letter and resume to cloudviewephrata@gmail.com

Farm Educator/Community Outreach Coordinator (full-time paid position)

Cloudview Farm offers a variety of on-farm experiences for student and community groups.  We are seeking an Education Coordinator who can both maintain our current offerings and continue to develop Cloudview Farms’ programming.  This person will also help out in the garden; familiarity with the gardens and animals enables educators to give visitors a more authentic experience.

Job Requirements:

  • Support and maintain current programming
    • 30+ elementary school field trips in the spring and fall (group sizes ranging from 10-60 students)
    • Summer day camps
    • Host 10-15 8th graders from Lakeside Middle School in Seattle for 1 week in the fall 
    • Organize events for the public including the Annual Fall Festival during the 1st Saturday in October 
  • Promote and expand programming
    • Expand to different school groups and grade levels
    • Use social media, website, and mailchimp to programming and events promote online
    • Create new curriculum
    • Collaborate with schools and community groups about education opportunities 
  • Work in the garden to support CSA program and Farmers’ Market
    • Coordinate with garden operations manager about work and programming schedules in the gardens
    • Assist in harvesting, washing, and packing for CSA and farmers’ markets
    • Weeding, mowing, cultivating, seeding, transplanting
  • CSA administration, and weekly newsletter, and box delivery
  • Attend seasonal Farmers’ Markets
  • Marketing of programs, services, and produce

Skills and Experience:

  • Outdoor education experience, management preferred
  • Farm or garden experience
  • Strong communication skills – will work closely with Farm Manager and other farm employees 

To apply for this position please send a cover letter and resume to cloudviewephrata@gmail.com.